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How to Lower Your Auto Insurance Rates

How much are you paying for auto insurance? Many people are paying more for their auto insurance than they are aware of. Did you know that there are ways where you can keep your auto insurance but not the high premium cost? How do you know if it will be alright to downgrade your auto insurance and will you still be covered in the event of an accident? According to an article, the majority of the states require that you at least carry liability insurance. With a minimum of liability insurance, any damage done to the other person or their property will be covered. However, you would be responsible for all your own damages. Each level of auto insurance has a different deductible which is the part of the bill you are responsible for paying before the insurance kicks in. If you are currently carrying full auto coverage and are looking to drop to collision only you should probably take a few factors into consideration. Some of the factors you need to look into before dropping your full coverage include: Does the car belong to you or is it on a lease? Be sure that you are fully aware what you are giving up when you are no longer fully covered. How much is your car worth? How much are you currently paying for full coverage versus how much you would be paying for collision only?

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